Synergia Learning strives to assist financial and fiduciary planners in obtaining the necessary knowledge and skills required to place them in a position where they can provide holistic planning to their clients. It is essential, to build and maintain a successful practice, that you, the planner, focus on the needs of the client in all aspects – how else can it be holistic?

This requires diverse knowledge in a wide range of legislation and remaining up to date with changes and court cases that affect our profession and greatly impact the recommendations that one provides.

To assist you, Synergia Learning offers:

  • Custom designed workshops on topics in the profession of expertise: you dictate the needs, we compile and deliver to your target market
  • One to one consultation with you, the planner, to address any assistance that you may require
  • Online workshops with or without live seminars, on various topics applicable to the financial and fiduciary profession – visit the ‘workshops’ page for a range currently available. These topics assist with private training in your various studies.
  • Case study assistance and preparation for applicants attempting the PCE with the Financial Planning Institute. 2025 going forward it will be the Capstone!
  • Developing case facts to assist new planners in the profession to identify risks, ways to mitigate risks, develop a detailed analyses and make appropriate and reasonable recommendations aligned to the client. 


Synergia Learning is not a higher education provider. Synergia Learning is an independent private trainer of individuals in the financial planning and fiduciary planning profession.

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