Just too little sex….


This may seem as someone is making up a story – but it is true!

A couple married in community of property, landed in Court because, according to the husband, his wife is not fulfilling her marital obligation! In plain english… he is not getting enough sex. Never thought I would read about a divorce case of this nature.. generally we make up other excuses.

Well, she says that she does not want to be intimate with him as he has so many concubines she just does not feel safe. I hear you!

The judge learned that he was squandering the assets of the joint pot on all his lady friends as well as entertaining all his other friends. That the wife is the one accumulating all the wealth for the joint pot while he is just smoking it away – not refilling the pot at all.

So the poor husband was awarded not a single asset from the communal estate. And, here I was under the impression that if you are married in community of property, it was your right to half of the estate.

Always learning. !

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